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!!NOTICE!! Changes in effect January 2014.... 

New Direct Billing support number:  Verenna McFarland (775) 575-9593

* Please note your INVOICE# & submit current payments to:

High Desert Internet Services

PO Box 62228

Sunnyvale, CA 94088-2228

We want you to know that Smith Valley Internet service is continually working toward upgrading service and trying to improve customer satisfaction. As a result of these upgrades, we have been able to provide higher speeds and greater reliability to the valley at a great value!

While we have not increased the service rates or capped data, we will NO LONGER be able to offer the Payment discount of $5. However, Credit cards will be accepted!

 ** Other billing changes in effect for January 1st, 2014:

  • Rates will remain the SAME.
  • Intuit Payment Network will no longer be used.
  • Everyone will be moved to the new billing platform & customer service numbers.
  • Billing will be via paper invoice instead of e-mail

You can still reach us for local support also at (775) 465-9407 option 3 until all call transition is complete.


*Please remember to change any automatic payment arrangements made through your bank with your bank directly.

Thank you again for selecting us. It is our privilege to work with you.


Any questions? let us know! - CONTACT INFORMATION:

PO Box 325 Wellington, NV 89444

(775) 465-9407  for local support questions



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